The rudest word to begin with C may have changed

cPanel has announced that it will hike its price from the beginning of Spetmeber and it has well and truly made some waves, so much so as it may in time be known as a swear word. It is now charging customers $0.20 per account per month. This may not sound like a big deal but, well it kind of is.

Imagine you have a small web hosting company that has tens of thousands of cPanel accounts (mostly made up of those just 301 redirceting domains and forwarding mail), then the sums will certainly start to add up.

Many hosting companies are making the move over to other control panels, we are no different. As of 1st August we have stopped selling cPanel hosting accounts and are just Plesk only now. We will continue to support cPanel customers and will also assist them if they wish to switch over to Plesk.

If you would like to know any more pleas feel free to contact us at