Do I need webspace as well as a domain name?

Well if you are wanting a domain name purely to forward to say a Facebook page and to forward emails to an existing email address, then no you will not need any web hosting. If you wish to build a website though and have a dedicated email inbox with storage, then yes you will need web hosting also. Our web hosting starts at £3.49 per month or £34.99 when paying annually.

Do you offer any ‘free’ domain names?

Yes, if you order a years hosting paid upfront with us, we will give you a .com, .net or on us for the year. If you want a totally free no strings attached domain name then we can offer you either a .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf or .ga domain name totally free of charge. These do have some terms differences but are a great resource for a non-for-profit idea that you may have.

Is it best to register a .com or a domain name for my business?

Well, If you are a UK registered business then the correct or standard format should be to use a domain name. However if you are wanting International business and prefer the idea of using a .com domain name, we would recommend that you register both and 301 redirect your to your .com and build your website on the .com. This is something that we can assist with.

Is it easy to configure domains?

Yes our control panel is easy to use and also so are the cPanel and Plesk options for controlling your domain name.

Is it easy to re-register the following year and will the prices go up?

Yes it is very easy to renew domains with us and this process in most cases will be automatic too. Our prices rarely rise and we charge £8.99 for a domain name and £10.99 for a .com and .net domain name.

Are your services unlimited

YES. We have unlimited bandwidth so that you may have 1 or 1 million hits to your website. We do have a cap on data storage size, although these a pretty plentiful

Do I get a Free domain with Web Hosting?

YES, If you purchase a years web hosting upfront you will get a free or .com domain name for the year.

Do you offer cPanel or Plesk hosting?

We offer both cPanel and Plesk as platforms for you to host on, however cPanel now charge per account and so many people who want the option of multiple accounts now opt for Plesk as this is unlimited.

Does your hosting come with WordPress

YES, WordPress along with some other great online platforms are easily installable at the click of a button when you have an account with us.

Is it easy to upload a website?

YES. You can either upload an existing website via FTP or build a new one. You can either do so using HTML or via a popular CMS such as WordPress

Where are your Servers?

Our Servers are located in Greater Manchester, Torquay and Kent in the United Kingdom and are all now fitted with the latest Solid State technology, making connection to them rocket-fast for both you and your visitors

Can I download MP3 files without my ISP from seeing?

Can I download MP3 files without my ISP from seeing?

Can I install a VPN on my Phone?

YES. Our VPN will install on virtually all laptops, tablets, smart-phones and now even smart routers and smart TV sets. It is always advisable to install a VPN on as many of your devices as possible so that you can switch on and off as you please.

Can I watch UK TV apps when abroad using a VPN?

YES. You may have to switch off GPS location services on your device first, but yes then you will be able to access BBC, ITV, Channel 4 apps etc. when outside of the United Kingdom when you have a British VPN running.

Can people hack my home WIFI?

YES. If you are accessing the internet via your home WIFI hub without a VPN connected then this is a potential. This risk is not as great as if you were in say Starbucks and on the same public WIFI network as a dozen over people, but it still is a risk. If you are accessing banking apps or other sensitive sites then it is always advised to use a VPN.

Will a VPN install on my Router?

YES. You may install your VPN account on your router. While some home routers do not have this capacity, we also sell VPN enabled routers that can plug into your existing hardware and be used as a VPN repeater. It is always a good move to install the VPN on your home router whenever possible as it puts the VPN at the source, so that all of you devices are sitting behind the VPN connection without having to install it on each of them manually.

Will using a VPN slow down my Internet speeds?

It will decrease your speeds slightly, especially if far away from the server. If you are in say Perth in Australia accessing a UK TV via a VPN server located on the other side of the world, there will be some lag, however with most countries now having Internet speeds that are 5-10x faster than is needed for streaming TV apps, then this will not be an issue. The lag is around a 10% drop usually.